AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch by Mansfield Time

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AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch by Mansfield Time
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The AUTOMATICA ONE Dive Watch // Maximum Durability & Incredible Value // Automatic - Double Sapphire - 20ATM - 2 Year Warranty

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$137,385.00 / 505 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: July 2016
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Automatica One - Stainless Steel / White Dial
FEATURES: Automatic (Cal. 8217) – Sweeping Second Hand – 43mm Case – Sandwich Dial - BGW9 Lume –... more »
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Automatica One - Black PVD Stainless Steel / Black Dial
FEATURES: Automatic (Cal. 8217) – Sweeping Second Hand – 43mm Case – Sandwich Dial - BGW9 Lume –... more »
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Natural Leather 22mm Watch Band
Additional Mansfield Natural Leather Watch Band Width: 22mm Thickness: 3mm
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Mansfield Fisherman Hat
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Automatica One - Natural Leather / White Dial
FEATURES: Automatic (Cal. 8217) – Sweeping Second Hand – 43mm Case – Sandwich Dial - BGW9 Lume –... more »
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Automatica One - Stainless Steel / Black Dial
FEATURES: Automatic (Cal. 8217) – Sweeping Second Hand – 43mm Case – Sandwich Dial - BGW9 Lume –... more »
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Automatica One - Gunmetal PVD Stainless Steel / Black Dial
FEATURES: Automatic (Cal. 8217) – Sweeping Second Hand – 43mm Case – Sandwich Dial - BGW9 Lume –... more »

Learn About Our Project:

We all seek adventure. Whether you are a passionate 9-5er, a weekend warrior, or a hardcore outdoorsman, you need gear that is tough enough to accompany you on your missions through land, sea, and everywhere in between. What does an adventure watch that works in all of these situations actually consist of? We started the AUTOMATICA ONE project with a simple list of the absolute requirements from the perfect watch:  

• DURABILITY - Extremely waterproof & tough enough to face anything you can throw at it.

• AUTOMATIC - Our perfect watch would never fail due to a battery.

• VERSATILITY - Wearable to work and out for an evening surf.

• AFFORDABILITY - It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

We searched for that perfect watch that fulfilled ALL of our needs. Simply put, it didn't exist. And so the Mansfield team set out to create it.

We started by putting our thoughts and designs on paper, then contacted and priced out numerous manufacturers via the internet. Still, we wanted a closer connection to the production process. What better way to do that than to go straight to the source?  The team hopped on a plane to Hong Kong to attend the worlds largest watch fair, the HKTDC. 

While there, we met with dozens of suppliers, tested products, and walked factory floors where our products would be produced. We fostered trusting relationships with the best of these manufacturers and spent the rest of the year in Hawaii testing, adjusting, and refining our design until it was finally ready for public release.

Enter the AUTOMATICA ONE, a tenacious yet refined adventurers' timepiece that maximizes versatility and won't kill your bank account. Featuring a rugged stainless steel case, robust band options, a sweeping automatic movement, dual sapphire glass, and extreme water resistance, the AUTOMATICA ONE offers an abundance of functional features typically found in watches with twice the price tag. Read on to find out what components we chose to build our perfect watch...


At the heart of the Automatica One is a precision engineered Miyota Cal. No. 8217 mechanical movement featuring 21 jewels, a 21600 bph sweeping second hand, and a uni-directional self-winding mechanism powered by the movement of your wrist.

Watch been on the dresser for a week? No problem, simply unscrew the crown and hand-wind the unit to restart. With the Automatica One, your watch will never die due to a bad battery.

The Automatica One sapphire glass screw back case allows you to peer into the movement and observe the absolute precision of the gears, springs, and jewels working in perfect harmony.

Sapphire glass is created by crystallizing corundum, or aluminum oxide, at temperatures of 4000° F and then molding the mixture into clear disks. These disks are then machined to the proper crystal size, polished, and perfectly fit to the watch case. The final sapphire product rates a 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making the watch crystal extremely difficult to scratch. Most watches today are built with mineral glass that rates a 5/10 on the Mohs hardness scale; the only material tougher than sapphire is diamond, rating a perfect 10/10 Mohs. The domed surface of the sapphire crystal is designed to increase impact resistance and works much like an archway, spreading any potential impact pressure out to the edges rather than being focused in one spot.  

All Automatica One watches are fitted with a 2.5mm domed sapphire crystal.

Each assembled watch case is successfully tested waterproof to 20 atmospheres (660 feet) before it gets the stamp of approval from our quality assurance team. A waterproof resistance rating is the ultimate test of how well-sealed a watch is against outside elements. Most watches today are rated 3-5 ATM water resistant, making them fragile and barely suitable to wear in the shower.

The Automatica One is a true dive watch that will handle ANY situation you put yourself in, including being hundreds of feet underwater.  

The Automatica One's custom 43mm case is machined from grade 316L stainless steel. This surgical grade metal contains extremely low carbon content and is incredibly resistant to corrosion from seawater, acidic fluids, and other harmful materials you may encounter. 316L is also anti-magnetic in all conditions, unlike most general-use stainless steels.

Our heavy duty case lugs and screw in band connectors have been designed to ensure the most secure connection to your wrist. The typical spring pin has a much higher rate of failure that can result in your case breaking free causing damage or worse, the loss of your timepiece! Not a factor with the Automatica One. 

A sandwich dial provides you with two distinct layers; a lower layer that is painted luminous and the upper custom die-cut layer that not only gives a clean style, but introduces a 3D effect that adds a unique layer of depth to your timepiece.

The Automatica One's dual layer sandwich dial houses a 24-hour sub-dial. The sub-dial provides a perfect quick reference for the seasoned traveler who frequents regions of the world where the 24-hour clock is dominant. 

The matte surface layer and BGW9 Lume coated sub-layer and hands provide the ultimate in daytime clarity and nightime visibility. BGW9 provides the purest white during the day and the brightest lume at night.

The typical watch crown is most prone to failure during water immersion. That's why the Automatica One features a spring loaded, diamond cut, gasket sealed screw down crown for the ultimate water resistance along with ease of adjustment.

Mansfield watches are built to last. We stand behind the quality of our products; all of them come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. This means that if there is any internal failure or any failure resulting from improper assembly on our end we will replace or repair the watch free of charge. 

The warranty does not cover scratches, damage from misuse or abuse, loss or theft, or normal wear and tear.

Our 10 reward options are on the right hand side of the page. Each one offers a unique discount and reward based on the timing of the pledge as well as the watch/watches you are interested in. When the campaign completes, we will be sending a survey out to each pledge maker via their Kickstarter account emails; that survey will provide you with the option of selecting which watch style you want for your reward.